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A critical issue for the water-cooled Pb-17 Li blanket concept of the DEMO reactor is the development of barriers to prevent tritium permeation into the cooling water. The present paper reports the first results obtained with an aluminium coating deposited by the Detonation Jet technique. An available industrial coating apparatus was used to deposit an Al layer on MANET specimens (discs of 45 mm diameter and 0.5 mm thickness), after which the layer was oxidised to form Al(2)O(3). No change in the martensitic structure was observed after the deposition and oxidation procedures, while the adhesion of the coating to the substrate was found to be quite poor. Hydrogen permeation measurements of this specimens have shown a reduction of around an order of magnitude, in the temperature range 573-800 K, as compared with the bare MANET. A larger reduction might be possible if the adhesion to the substrate could be improved. The examination of heat-treated samples (6 hours at 723, 733 and 823 K) showed an interdiffusion phenomena at above 723 K, resulting in an iron aluminium intermetallic. This suggests that by heat treating the aluminised sample prior to oxidation, the mechanical characteristics of the coating can be improved. The results of the microstructural investigation of these specimens are presented and discussed.

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Authors: BENAMATI G, ENEA Fusion Sector, Camugnana (IT);AGOSTINI M, ENEA Fusion Sector, Camugnana (IT);PERUJO A, JRC Ispra (IT);SERRA E, JRC Ispra (IT);FLAMETAL, FLAMETAL
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: 18th SOFT, Karlsruhe (DE), August 22-26, 1994
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