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The present work deals with an investigation into the corrosion behaviour of CRONIFER 45 TM (Ni-27Cr-23Fe-2.8Si) under tensile strains in a non-equilibrated S-O-C bearing atmosphere which served to simulate a typical coal gasification environment. The investigations have been carried out at 600 C for different creep strains. The material formed external and internal corrosion products which were composed of mixed oxides and sulfides. After 1% strain the continuous internal corrosion zone showed first indications of cracking, but the crack did not penetrate into the sound metal. After 2% deformation or more, transgranular crack propagation into the alloy occurred and was accompanied by severe corrosion around the cracks. Strain enhanced corrosion can be described as an alternating process of local corrosion beneath a through crack in the internal corrosion zone, the extension of such a crack into the corroded area, corrosive attack around the crack tip and further crack propagation.

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Authors: STEIN K, JRC Petten (NL);GUTTMANN V, JRC Petten (NL);BAKKER W T, EPRI, Pala Alto (US)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: 2nd International Conference on Heat-Resistant Materials, Tennessee (US), September 11-14, 1995
Availability: Available from (1) as paper EN 39378 ORA
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