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The experimental evaluations illustrated here have been conducted under new analytical criteria which are founded on the study of microbial developmental kinetics. The application of this methodology has been possible through the use of analytical equipment called BIOSCREEN.
BIOSCREEN permits the estimation of the speed of microbial replication by readings of vertical spectrophotometry on liquid cultures of the microorganisms. The progress of the microbial replication is checked at varying intervals of time. It is possible to obtain direct information, and in real time, on the effect, which can be either inhibitory or promoting, that different substances have on the growth process of the tested microorganisms.
It is also possible to evaluate the effects of different combinations of molecules. The automatic dispenser system permits precise control of the doses in which the substances are dispensed so that information can be obtained on the effect of these substances on the growth of the microbial species according to the doses in which they are combined. .

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Authors: MARENGO G, JRC Ispra (IT);MARENGO S, JRC Ispra (IT);ZAMPOLLO F, JRC Ispra (IT);TARANTINO E, JRC Ispra (IT);PASTONI F, Consiglio dell'Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi, Roma (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: Capo Rizzuto (IT), September, 1995
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