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Classical methods of research, isolation and identification of microorganisms are founded on both the microorganisms development in selective cultures and on the evaluation of morphological, biochemical and serological characteristics. The formulation of a diagnostic judgement might be sometimes exposed to a variety of interpretation according to the operator's experience and also to the frequently occuring heterogeneous behaviour of microorganisms even belonging to the same species.
Microbiological analysis usually requires at least a few days to obtain a precise identification. It is not difficult to understand that this time requirement creates problems, both in control of perishable foods and at the production level. Nowadays, the tendency is to reduce the time necessary for analysis and at the same time to render methods extremely sensitive, specific and accurate towards pathogenic microorganisms, and towards the most interesting microorganisms from an epidemiological point of view.
Under this incentive a large range of methods has been developed which exploits particular microbiological characteristics specific to each microbial species. These include immunological techniques, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) hybridization techniques and fluorometric and luminometric systems. Electronic control permits the reduction of operator variability and the achievement of results of great overall accuracy. On the other hand, we should consider estimate and recognize any possible limitation due to incorrect functioning of the equipment. .

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Authors: PASTONI F, Consiglio dell'Irdine Nazionale dei Biologia, Roma (IT);MARENGO G, JRC Ispra (IT);ZAMPOLLO F, JRC Ispra (IT);MARENGO S, JRC Ispra (IT);TARANTINO E, JRC Ispra (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: Milano (IT) October, 1995
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