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The study of condensed matter using optical techniques, where photons act as both probe and signal, has a long history. It is only recently, however, that the extraction of surface and interface information, with submonolayer resolution, has been shown to be possible using optical techniques (where 'optical' applies to electromagnetic radiation in and around the visible region of the spectrum). This book describes these 'epioptic' techniques, which have now been quite widely applied to semiconductor surfaces and interfaces. Particular emphasis in the book is placed on recent studies of submonolayer growth on well characterized semiconductor surfaces. Techniques using other areas of the spectrum such as the infrared (IR) region (IR spectroscopy, in its various surface configurations), and the X-ray region (surface X-ray diffraction, X-ray standing wave), are omitted. The optical techniques described use simple lamp or small laser sources and are thus, in principle, easily accessible.

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Authors: MCGILP J F, University of Dublin, Trinity College, Department of Physics (IE);WEAIRE D, University of Dublin, Trinity College, Department of Physics (IE);PATTERSON C H (EDITORS), University of Dublin, Trinity College, Department of Physics (IE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 16619 EN (1995) 230pp., FS
Availability: Available from Springer Verlag, Postfach 311340, 10643 Berlin (DE) or specialized bookshops
ISBN: ISBN 3-540-59410-8
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