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The major contributions presented here came from TORE-SUPRA, TPX, LHD and W7-X (two tokamaks, one heliotron and a stellarator). TORE-SUPRA is a circular cross section tokamak, LHD is designed with optimized continuous coils and provides a helical divertor, TPX and W7-X incorporate strongly-shaped geometries to improve confinement and stability and optimize the bootstrap current. TORE-SUPRA is in operation, LHD is near completion; W7-X has been approved; TPX is still in the approval phase. Superconducting coil material is NbTi for TORE-SUPRA, LHD and W7-X and Nb(3)Sn for TPX. The TF-coils of TORE-SUPRA and the helical coil of LHD are bath-cooled. Cable-in-conduit conductors are used in the other SC coils. Largely different solutions are selected for the SC cable composition. Except for TPX, which has a double-null poloidal field divertor matched to the strong plasma shaping, most of the steady-state devices have a very flexible plasma edge configuration: islands or ergodic boundaries (W7-X, TORE-SUPRA, LHD), limiter (TORE-SUPRA), helical divertor (LHD, W7-X). The status of plasma equilibrium control, high heat flux materials and activation problems were also discussed. Power plant studies based on different steady-state confinement concepts were presented and confronted with a summary on the PULSAR study based on pulsed systems.

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Authors: BOSCH H-S ET AL, Max-Plank-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching bei München (DE);LAURENT L, CEA, CEN Cadarache, Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (FR);MOTOJIMA O, National Institute for Fusion Science, Nagoya (JP);NEILSON G H, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (US);OKTAY E, Base and Advanced Toroidal Program, Department of Energy, Washington (US);OWENS D K, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University (US);THOMASSEN K I, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (US)
Bibliographic Reference: Article: Plasma Physics Controlled Fusion, Vol. 38 (1996) pp. 415-449
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