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  • Pilot-plant-scale photomineralization of dichloromethane and tetrachloroethene in aqueous solution, as model compounds of polychlorinated aliphatics, by photocatalytic membranes immobilizing titanium dioxide and photopromoters


It has been shown that immobilization of TiO(2) onto microporous membranes prepared by photografting is able to maintain substantially unaltered the electrochemical behaviour of immobilized photocatalyst, the anodic membrane, coupled with a hydrogen or oxygen cathode yielding the same energy efficiency as that of the Fujishima - Kahayakawa Honda - type cell. The applications of heterogeneous photocatalysis, driven by semiconductors, to environmental cleanup have been one of the most active areas of research. In a recent study, implications for the use of photocatalysis for the treatment of groundwater contaminated by polychlorinated alkanes or alkenes, such as trichloroethane (TCE) or tetrachloroethene (PCE), have been discussed due to the possibility that dichloroethanoic acid may result as degradation intermediate, this latter or other potential chlorinated intermediates being possibly more toxic than the starting chlorinated hydrocarbons themselves. In the present paper, systematic research on model compounds having environmental impact is being continued, by means of pilot-plant-scale studies onto photosynthetized membranes immobilizing TiO(2) and other photocatalytic promoters, both with the aim of confirming the full suitability of this emerging technology, bypassing any unfitted use of suspended photocatalyst the inconveniences of which have been underlined, and with the purpose of examining critically the problem of chlorinated intermediates, of their origin, and of their fate.

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Authors: GIANTURCO F ET AL, Chimia Prodotti e Processi, Milan (IT);TATTI L ET AL, University of Milan, Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry (IT);BIANCHI M ET AL, JRC Ispra (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: Article: Chemosphere (1996)
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