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The report covers operational Nuclear Power Stations (NPSs), of capacity greater than 50 MWe and Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plants (NFRPs) in the European Community. Radioactive gaseous and liquid effluent discharges from these installations are given for the period 1987 to 1991, expressed both in absolute terms (GBq/y) and normalised to net electricity production from the fuel (GBq/GWh).
Some tables contain the measured releases per installation while other tables and figures contain the results of calculation to highlight general tendencies, for example the discharges per type of reactor. The main nuclides considered are set out in tables and figures at the end of the report. Other nuclides, the data for which being generally scattered or incomplete, are included with the text.
The collective exposure of the EC population from each year's discharges in 1977 to 1986 has been calculated and presented in part two of the preceding report (EUR 15928 EN). As the output of nuclear installations remains of the same order of magnitude this study has not been repeated for the period now considered, 1987-1991.
Details of radionuclide composition of gaseous and liquid effluents are limited, for NPSs, to discharges in 1990. For NFRPs, the corresponding results are given in full to the extent available for each of the years concerned. d.

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Authors: SCHNEPF R, CEC Bruxelles (BE);METAIRIE C, CEC Bruxelles (BE);FRASER G, CEC Bruxelles (BE)
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