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The emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) is a cause of concern because they take part in photochemical reactions with nitrogen oxides to form ozone which is an air pollutant at elevated concentration and a factor in the formation of smog. Coal combustion has been implicated as a significant source of VOCs in the atmosphere but this claim is based on limited data and little quantitative information on the speciated breakdown of VOC emissions. A study was therefore undertaken to develop a reliable method for the sampling and analysis of VOC emissions within flue gases and to compile a comprehensive speciated VOC emission inventory for a range of coal combustion plants. Samples were taken from the flue gases of 11 different coal-fired plants, ranging from small domestic appliances to a large power generation unit and the concentration of 26 VOC species (including methane) determined. The study confirmed that the domestic sector is the major source of VOC emissions from coal combustion. The VOC emissions from industrial/commercial plants and from a power generation unit were very low.

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Authors: BRITISH COAL CORPORATION, British Coal Corporation, Cheltenham (GB)
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