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The European Non Destructive Examination Forum (ENDEF) has elaborated a Strategy to facilitate the communication between European Union (EU) NDE organisations and specialists and the corresponding Counterparts in Russia, Ukraine and the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs). This Strategy was designed to serve as a reference document to support the effective definition of future joint activities or projects. Preexisting and ongoing assistance or cooperation projects financed either through the European Community Phare/Tacis budgets, or through bilateral programmes, were first �compared� with the Strategy in order to determine how far the strategy steps were fulfilled. This led to discussion with the Counterparts, on the basis of the Strategy, and resulted in an overall picture of the NDE approach in each concerned country. This overall picture was then used, in combination with detailed comparison exercise, to define areas where further work, in the form of cooperation programmes, could be best developed. This output should now be used by the EU, Russian, Ukrainian and CEECs organisations and specialists to derive detailed terms of reference for projects. The approach followed and the results obtained so far has led to a greatly improved common understanding of NDE related issues and will lead to the building of confidence in an area critical to Plant Safety and effective Plant Ageing Management.

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Authors: DEFFRENNES M, EC DG XVII/C3, Nuclear Energy, Brussels (BE);CRUTZEN S ET AL, EC/JRC/IAM, Petten (NL)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: 5th International Conference on Materials Issues in Design, Manufacturing and Operation of NPP Equipment, St Petersburg (RU), June 7-14, 1998
Availability: Available from (1) as Paper EN 41741 ORA
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