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This project has been directed towards producing a Stirling engine design capable of producing an output of 150 kW(e) from solid fuel. The objectives of this project were to:

- Develop a mathematical model of the engine suitable for design purposes;
- Produce a conceptual design, based on mathematical modelling calculations, for a N(2) charged Stirling engine capable of producing electrical power up to 150 kW(e) fired directly or indirectly, using gasifier technology, by solid fuel including coal and biomass;
- Prepare a detailed design for the Stirling engine and sufficiently detailed drawings to enable an engine to be manufactured;
- Investigate the use of sodium filled heat pipes as a means of transporting heat from a solid fuel combustion system to the engines working fluid and provide data upon which to base the design for a heat pipe system;
- Manufacture a prototype Stirling engine;
- Provide an engine test facility and install the prototype engine;
- Commission the test facility and engine fired on natural gas;
- Assess the performance of the engine during trials including measurement of power output, temperatures in the engine, mass and heat flows;
- Compare the results of engine trials with predictions of cycle efficiency predicted by design calculations and modelling;
- Establish a link between the engine and a solid fuel gasifier then commission and test the engine whilst fired by fuel gas provided from the gasifier.

This report describes and discusses all the stages of the engine's design, manufacture and testing. and testing.

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