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Report on a project to provide technical tools and clear criteria for the design, installation and maintenance of ventilation networks to cope with the problems of ventilation associated with sublevel caving. Industry practice in different European countries was studied and research concentrated in four areas: the development of computer tools for the design and simulation of secondary ventilation networks; the definition and specification of a practical procedure for underground checking of secondary ventilation systems; development of a control system to monitor and manage the safety of ventilation networks and to control interlocks, especially in long systems over 1000m; the establishment of a Technical Work Group to set rules for the design, installation and maintenance of sublevel caving ventilation systems. The results of the project included the development of VENSEC, a Windows based software package for the management of secondary ventilation networks; the development of a procedure for the manual checking of the performance of ventilation systems; the installation of a comprehensive environmental control system in the Carbones Pedraforca mine in Spain. The project has also analysed the performance of finite element software packages (ALGOR) for small scale modelling of ventilation flows and the performance of explosion simulation software (AutoReagas).

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Autores: AITEMIN, Aitemin, Alenza,1, E-28003 Madrid, ES
Referencia bibliográfica: EUR 17954 ES (1998) 181pp.
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ISBN: 92-828-4497-8
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