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This project has investigated a more efficient method for cutting steel sheets. Methods currently available include lasers with a small power output and oxygen as the cutting gas. However this method results with poor quality edges and can only cut a few sheets at one time. However CO2-lasers with a power output of 12 kW are commercialized and have a better beam quality useful for cuts. Further developments have found that the laser-N2-melt cutting process is just as efficient as the oxygen process. During this project, a variety of cuts have been performed on a range of stainless steels with varying thickness, qualities and cutting velocities. These tests have found that it is possible to get the best-cut quality at every stainless steel grade by means of CO2-laser-N2-melt cut.

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Autoren: BEHR F, UHLIG G, Thyssen stahl AG
Bibliografische Referenz: EUR 18463 DE (1998) 98pp.
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