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In the European fusion programme, safety and environmental issues are of great importance in the continuing development of power plants. In support of this programme, a sound, complete and reliable neutron cross section data library is required. The European Activation File (EAF) project has been an ongoing process performed through European and world-wide co-operation that has led to the creation of succeeding EAF versions. The latest release, EAF-99, has benefited from the generation and maintenance of comprehensive activation files and the maturing of the processing code SYMPAL. Cross section validation exercizes against both experimental data and systematics, which were started on the EAF-4 files, enable a comprehensive assessment of the data. Systematically, using SYMPAL, 3,168 reactions and branching ratios have been normalized to either experimental or systematic data, 26% of all the reactions. These are challenging tasks when the source contains threshold reactions an energy dependent branching ratio. Although EAF-99 is the best-validated cross section library in the world, currently less than 16% of all EAF-99 reactions can be compared with experimental information, and sometimes then only for very limited, and not always relevent, energy ranges.

Recently, for the first time, results of integral experiments have been used to adjust data. Validation of activation code predictions, and thereby of cross section and decay data, has been performed by means of direct comparison with measurements of sample structural material under fusion-relevent neutron spectra. Irradiations have been carried out at ENEA FNG, FZK Isochron-cyclotron, Sergiev Posad SNEG-13 and JAERI FNS and integral C/E comparisons made (C/E is the ratio of the library to the experimental value). The results of these benchmarking exercizes have indicated, when correlated with other sources of information, corrective measures that have been tken on a selection of important reactions.


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Bibliographic Reference: Article: The European Activation: EAF-99 cross section library, 1(1998), 1-125
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