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The development of Biotechnology and its applications raize a number of important questions about its impact on people, society, and markets. In the frame of RTD programmes in the field of biotechnology, the Commission services are mandated by the European Council and sponsor activities to study those impacts in particular their socio-economic dimension and public attitudes to biotechnology thus contributing to the wide debate which is presently taking place in the society.
The Commissions "Inventing Tomorrow" document which is concerned with European research at the service of its people and which provides preliminary guidelines for the Fifth Frameswork Programme, confirms the importance of such activities and stresses that they should continue and be developed further.
The Biotechnology 1994-1998 programme has foreseen four calls for proposals for studies to support experts working on specific subjects. Grants have been allocated to a wide range of subjects (risk analysis, education in biotechnology, public perception, industrial strategies, employment aspects, etc.).The selection of grant recipients took place on the basis of a peer review evaluation. The studies collect relevant facts, discuss and explain them, and thereby generate reports useful to the general public or for public policy. In order to make these reports available to the general public as well as specialists in the field and civil servants, the Commission services are publishing a series of studies of which Contribution to the Analysis of the Position of the Trade-Unions and the Employers Regarding Genetic Pre-employment Tests (contract no B102-CT940082) by Dr. M. Moulin is one more illustration. Other recently published studies include Genetic Fingerprints: Scientific Truth and Filiation Law by Dr. L Khaiat and Consumer Acceptability of Biotechnology in Relation to Food Products with Special Reference to Farmed Fish by Prof. C. Ritson. All of these publications are now available upon reques

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