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The chemical composition of steel not only determines its chemical properties, such as its corrosion resistance or the oxides it forms in air, but also its physical properties, such as its hardness, ductility, electrical conductivity etc. Therefore, the concentration of even minor elements in steel manufactured for certain applications must lie within a specified range. The quantification of element composition is, therefore, an essential part in ensuring product specification. In general, the bulk of ferrous materials analysis is carried out by Spark source Spectroscopy and XRF, with additional information being provided by combustion techniques for carbon, sulphur, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Spark source Spectroscopy and XRF are noted for their rapid analysis time, and both permit the direct analysis of solid samples, however, neither technique is without its limitations.
since the 1970s glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy (GDOES) has been utilized successfully in the steel industry, primarily for depth profiling analysis. In order to captalize on the most useful features of this and the low detection limits of mass spectrometry, the GDMS technique became commercially available in 1983, in the form of the (Fisons Instruments) VG9000. This instrument is a relatively expensive high resolutionsector instrument. However, in the late 1980s the less expensive (Fisons Instruments) VG Gloquad, which is a lower resolution quadrupole-based instrument, came onto the market. Consequently, this project was initiated to investigate all aspects of GDMS with respect to the potential contribution of the technique for steel industry analysis. Contributions were made by both the Belgian (CRM) and spanish (Acerinox) participants in the study of quadrupole-based glow discharge mass spectrometry (GDQMS) in the analysis of non-conducting samples and stainless steels, respectively. Other aspects of the research and operation of the GDQMS were managed by the UK collaborati

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Authors: JOWITT R, British Steel plc, London (GB);PICHILINGI M, British Steel plc, London (GB);DAVEY J, British Steel plc, London (GB)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 18797 EN (1999) 51pp.
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