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In many concepts for the underground disposal of radioactive waste, it is anticipated that gases will be produced from the wastes and their packaging. To assess the performance of the repository it is necessary to be able to predict the rates of gas generation and to understand and to evaluate both the way gas may disperse from the repository and any effects that might be associated with this dispersal. In this project, both experimental and theoretical studies have been undertaken to improve predictions of gas generation rates and to understand aspects of gas migration from repositories in three host rock types: fractured low-permeability rock, rock salt and clay.

A large-scale, long term experiment is providing data on gas generation from real nuclear power plant operational wastes whereas gas generation data, obtained from routine QA measurements on waste packages, have been used to construct a database in order to allow correlation's between gas generation rates and waste characteristics. .

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Authors: RODWELL W R, AEA Technology plc (UK)
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