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The PHYMOL project provides an analysis of a methodology to simulate groundwater flow and transport of radionuclides for the present conditions as well as for conditions corresponding to the expected climatological evolution, for use in the performance assessment of an agrillaceous high-level radioactive waste repository system.

A paleoreconstruction of the hydrogeological system at the MOL site, over the past 126 000 years, was conducted. The reconstruction was based on hydrogeological characterization of the site, geochemical and isotope analyses of the groundwater's of various aquifers.

A model of north-western Europe is used to evaluate the large-scale climatic effect on the groundwater flow. Simulation results show that glacial inflow into the regional area of Mol is negligible and that faults situated outside the Mol area do not have a significant effect on the regional hydrogeological system of Mol.

A simulation and a scenario approach were applied in performance assessment to evaluate the radiological consequences of 129I release from a radioactive waste repository, situated in the Boom clay, into the aquifers. They confirmed the considerable effect of climate changes on the radionuclide release into the human environment and their radiological consequences. nces.

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Authors: MARIVOET J, SCK-CEN, Mol (BE);VAN KEER I, SCK-CEN, Mol (BE);WEMAERE I, SCK-CEN, Mol (BE);HARDY L, SCK-CEN, Mol (BE);PITSCH H, CEA, Saclay (FR);BEAUCAIRE C, CEA, Saclay (FR);MICHELOT J, UMR Orsay Terre, University of South Paris (FR);MARLIN C, UMR Orsay Terre, University of South Paris (FR);PHILIPPOT A C, UMR Orsay Terre, University of South Paris (FR);HASSANIZADEH M, Delft University of Technology, Delft (NL);VAN WEERT F, Delft University of Technology, Delft (NL)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19146 EN (2000), 101pp.
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