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Chemical characterization of soils, coupled with the analysis of epiphytic mosses, allowed the evaluation of soil effect in the bryophytes, and the origin of trace elements depositions. In soils, natural and anthropogenic radio-nuclides (I3ICS, 4'K ' 7 Be ' 22'Ra, and 2 '0Pb), macro-elements, and trace elements were analyzed; the latter, together with AI, were analyzed also in moss samples. The Enrichment Factors for mosses confirmed that soil chemical composition has a little influence on the increase of trace elements concentration in mosses, thus excluding a significant soil effect. Moss-soil combination allowed the achievement of complete and extensive information, together with the identification of the origin of heavy metals.

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Authors: CENCI R M, JRC Environmental Institute;D'ALESSANDRO M, JRC Environmental Institute;LEVA F, JRC Environmental Institute;DAPIAGGI M, JRC Environmental Institute;BARBERO P, JRC Environmental Institute;CAZZANIGA R, JRC Environmental Institute;GERONIMI A, JRC Environmental Institute;BERGONZONI M, AGAC energy Division, Reggio Emilia.;MEGLIOLI E, AGAC energy Division, Reggio Emilia.;D'ALBERTI F, AGAC energy Division, Reggio Emilia.
Bibliographic Reference: Covegno: La Scienza del suolo per l'ambiente, Venezia (IT), 12-16 June 2000
Availability: Centro Comune di Ricerca della Commissione Europea, Istituto dell' Ambiente, Unita Suolo e Rifiuti 21020 Ispra
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