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British steel reported on evaluation, through laboratory and pilot plant studies, of the feasibility of improving the effectiveness of aluminium primary deoxidization carried out at BOS/EAF tapping stage. A water-cooled sampling probe was developed for the pilot scale. The samples showed the deoxidization progression, but difficulty was found in establishing the timescale. The pilot studies indicated that the deoxidization proceeded more rapidly when premelted aluminium was used. The co-addition of possible nucleates involving both solid and liquid aluminium deoxidant was examined, but inclusion analyses failed to show any improvements. Techniques for the reduction of the initial melt oxygen supersaturation by the addition of carbon prior to aluminium deoxidization were examined in the 3 tonne scale experiments. One of the techniques, involving a sacrificial carbon addition during tapping to remove excess oxygen as a gaseous product, appeared to be practicable for works application.

CSM reported the development of operational techniques to enhance the separation of inclusions by additions to the ladle slag and the injection of deoxidant-inclusion absorbing composites into the liquid steel. Industrial trials of the ladle slag additives showed that accurate management of the ladle stirring was an essential requirement if slag capture of the alumina inclusions was to be maximized. The injection of a mixture of deoxidant and nucleant materials was shown, in industrialized trials, to be more effective, with results indicating a substantial decrease in inclusion content compared with the standard technique.

Sidenor I & D reported the results from industrial trials for the development of criteria for the optimization of artificial slag compositions for use in secondary metallurgy for steel cleanness improvement. The results showed significant improvements in operational performance from the use of calcium carbide or premelted limealumina as a deoxidizing treatment p t p

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Authors: WHITBREAD J, British Steel, Teeside Technology Centre, Middlesborough (GB);CUBERO A, Sidenor I & D, Vizcaya (ES);ZAMPETTI L, CSM, Taranto (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19352 EN (2000) 187pp., EUR 28
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ISBN: ISBN 92-828-9160-7
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