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Since the first series of ExternE Project reports were published by European Commission DGXII at the end of 1995, the study established itself at the forefront of analysis of the impacts and associated externalities of the energy sector. This report updates the Project's earlier Methodology report, providing details of substantial advances that were made in 1996 and 1997. Particular attention was given to the following areas:

- global warming damages
- major accidents
- non-environmental externalities
- effects of tropospheric ozone on health and crops
- sustainability
- valuation of mortality associated with air pollution
- effects of a broader range of pollutants, such as dioxins and heavy metals
- fuel chain impacts outside the European Union
- uncertainty

The fact that several of these issues were not adequately resolved in the earlier phases of the study illustrates the fact that they are problematic, either because of lack of data, or because their assessment demanded models that were not previously available.

In addition to these refinements, it is also necessary to ensure that the study was kept up to date with the latest research findings to be reported elsewhere. Without this updating, the earlier project outputs would now be of limited value.

The methods developed within the study are becoming widely used in support of policy development by international bodies, and national and local government. Although this is a clear sign of the success of the study, it is also stressed that further research is needed to build on the achievements so far, and to ensure that the information and models recommended by the study are kept up to date. ept up to date.

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Authors: HOLLAND M, AEA Technology, Oxfordshire (GB);BERRY J, AEA Technology, Oxfordshire (GB);FORSTER D (EDITORS), AEA Technology, Oxfordshire (GB)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19083 EN (2000) 535 pp.
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