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Operations of reprocessing generate medium activity liquid wastes containing long-lived nuclides such as Sr, Cs and actinides. In order to minimize the volume of radioactive waste, it is of paramount importance to find compounds able to remove the long-lived radionuclides with high efficiency and selectivity from acidic or high-salinity media.

In the present European project, substantial progress was achieved for the extraction of caesium, strontium and trivalent actinides, respectively, with dialkoxy calixarenes benzo crown 6, calix[8]arenes bearing diethyl amide units and calixarenes bearing CMPO units.

To help the understanding of certain phenomena, molecular modelling was performed to analyze factors which are involved in the efficient and selective extraction of radioactive elements. ts.

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Authors: DOZOL J F, CEA, Cadarache (FR);SCHWING-WEILL M J, ECPM, Strasbourg (FR);ARNAUD-NEU F, ECPM, Strasbourg (FR);BÍHMER V, University of Mainz, Mainz (DE);UNGARO R, University of Parma, Parma (IT);VAN VEGGEL F C J M, University of Twente, Twente (NL);WIPFF G, University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg (FR);COSTERO A, University of Valencia, Valencia (ES);DESREUX J F, University of Liþge, Liþge (BE);DE MENDOZA J, University of Madrid, Madrid (ES)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19605 EN (2000) 198 pp., EUR 29.50
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ISBN: ISBN 92-828-9654-4
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