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In April 1998, Tore Supra celebrated the tenth anniversary of setting out along a route that even today still remains unique in magnetic fusion research. This is the production and study of long-duration, high-performance plasma discharges. The robustness and reliability of Tore Supra's super-conducting magnetic field system has made it possible to carry out a scientific and technical programme of the highest quality over a period of exploitation lasting twelve years. This has established the Cadarache research teams at the forefront of this field of research. From this point of view, the discharges lasting two minutes that were obtained in 1996 will remain the symbol of success.

Over the same period, the technologies relevant to long discharges also made considerable progress, particularly in the field of actively-cooled components, and also in the fields of high frequency waves, pumping, injection of pellets, feed-back control, wall conditioning, diagnostics and so on. All this progress has already been exploited on Tore Supra and will continue to make it possible to obtain discharges of even higher performance and longer duration. At the same time there is a continual effort to make these techniques relevant to the "next-step" machine.

The scientific programme of Tore Supra has been guided to a considerable extent by developments in the field of the steady-state tokamak. There is a clear interest in studying discharges in which the current is mainly self-generated by the plasma using external sources to augment the current and to control its profile. The scientific data base in this field, in particular in cases when the induced electric field is close to zero, is still in an embryonic state and needs to be documented in much more greater detail as this is an important part of the programme of the ITER- FEAT project. In particular, the control of the current profile under these conditions needs to be developed. This requires both a careful measurement of t

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