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First of all some examples will be given concerning the separation of metal ions by chromatographic paper treated with organic extractants (TNOA, TOPO, HDEHP).

Then some examples of separation by chromatographic columns consisting of inert supports impregnated with selective organic extractants will be presented: cellulose powder, kieselguhr, microporous polymers were used to support TNOA, TBP, TOPO, HDEHP, water insoluble hydroxamic acids, dimethylglyoxime.

A particular emphasis will be given to the separation of lanthanides by column extraction chromatography.

Some electron exchange columns and redox extraction columns were also prepared by supporting water insoluble organic compounds having a quinone/hydroquinone function. The review will present also examples dealing with the application of column extraction chromatography to Radiotoxicology (bioassay) and Radioecology (determination of low concentrations natural and artificial actinides and fission products in environmental samples, NORM, speciation, etc).

Finally a short mention will be given to some commercially available selective columns based on extraction chromatography.

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