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  • Development of integrated systems for large-scale propagation of elite plants using in vitro techniques. Progress in understanding phase change in woody plants. Summary reports from Working Group 3. Identification and control of phase chang


The major goals of our research were the characterisation of juvenile and adult phases of trees at the molecular and biochemical levels and the identification/characterisation of genes either involved in phase transitions or related to developmental specific traits. Peach was chosen as a model system as it features traits, which are effective to distinguish and predict phases. The juvenile, juvenile like and adult (both vegetative and reproductive) stages of peach were examined. Distinct chromatin structural organisation, nucleic DNA methylation patterns and active cytokinins localisation were observed to occur in the apex meristem layers of young shoots (seedlings), juvenile-like (basal) and adult (apical) shoots of mature plants. A few cDNA markers were identified by differential display experiments performed to compare mRNA expression of leaves and buds born on young plants, juvenile-like and adult shoots of mature plants. Within these markers, the RPS28 gene, coding for the 828 ribosomal protein, exhibited a pattern of mature product/precursor accumulation which characterised leaves at distinct developmental stages. To study differences between buds with vegetative and reproductive fates, the localisation of the DNA Methylase 1 and RPS28 messages was carried out in the meristems of the peach triple bud during the seasonal cycle. In the pre-inductive period, which anticipates the flower induction signals, distinct pattern of expression for both genes were observed between the central buds (vegetative fate) and the side buds (reproductive fate), thus suggesting that the two bud type destiny is determined at very early stages of development.

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Authors: MAC AN TSAOIR S (EDITOR), Department of agriculture and rural development for Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland horticulture and plant breeding station. Loughall Co, Armagh (IE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19690 EN (2001) pp. 145. COST Action 822. Euro: Free of charge
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