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These proceedings bring together the major contributions to a workshop of COST 819 Working Group 4 on: Toxic metabolites of entomopathogenic bacteria nematode complexes, in association with the IOBC/WPRS meeting held in Vienna from 22 to 26 March 1999. A review on virulence factors introduces the basic genetics of the pathogenicity of Gram negative bacteria. Among the new insights described here are the discovery of entomotoxic proteins and several insecticidal and nematicidal activities from the symbionts. Another section on gnotobiological analyses describes new advances in our knowledge of the bacterial/nematode symbiosis. Another review gives an overview of the potential of secondary antibiotic metabolites produced by the bacteria.

This volume is divided into five sections:
(i) Bacterial virulence.
(ii) Gnotobiology.
(iii) Enzymes.
(iv) Antibiotics and therapeutic metabolites.
(v) Toxins, insecticidal and nematicidal activities from symbionts.

The proteinic entomotoxins which are active per os have stimulated new interest in the biological control of pests by entomopathogenic bacteria. We can envisage either a direct use of these entomotoxins in an appropriate way or the genetic engineering of the corresponding genes in plants. Many of the antimicrobial organic molecules described at this symposium have potential applications in agroforestry, particularly against the micro-organisms responsible for plant and animal diseases. iseases.

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Authors: BOEMARE N, DG for Research Agriculture and Biotechnology Unit AP.2-COST;EHLERS R.U, ;BURNELL A.M, ;WEGENSTEINER R, ;KOSCHIER E, ;MULDER R,
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19203 EN (2001),pp.121. COST Action 819. Euro: 19.00
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ISBN: ISBN: 92-829-0530-6
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