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Even if the research reactors are using very well known MTR-fuels, a need exists for research in this field mainly for 3 reasons:
-Industrial qualification of fuel assemblies (built with qualified fuel).
-Improvement or modifications on a qualified fuel (e.g. increase of density).
-Qualification of a new fuel such as UMo.

For these types of tests, the High Flux Reactor located in Petten (the Netherlands) has a lot of specific advantages:
-A large core with various interesting positions ranging from high to low fluence rate.
-A high number of operating days (>280 days/year) that gives -with the high flux available -a possibility to reach quickly high burn-up.
-A downward coolant flow that simplifies the device engineering.
-All possibilities of non-destructive and destructive examinations in the hot-cells (visual inspection, swelling, gamma-scanning, macro-and light microscopy, SEM and EPMA examinations, tomography).

Two types of tests can be performed at the plant: either a full-scale test or a test of plates in dedicated devices.

A presentation is made of the irradiation test on four UMo plates, begun in March 2000 in the device UMUS.

A status is made of the full-scale test to be done in the near future, especially the UMo tests to begin the next year.

In conclusion it appears that the HFR, that had already given an excellent contribution to silicide fuel qualification in the 1980's, will also give a significant contribution to the current UMo qualification programs. cation programs.

Additional information

Authors: GUIDEZ J, JRC-Institute for Advanced Materials, HFR Unit, Petten (NL);DASALTA S, JRC-Institute for Advanced Materials, HFR Unit, Petten (NL);WIJTSMA F.L, NRG Petten, Westerduinweg Petten (NL);THIJSSEN P.J.M, NRG Petten, Westerduinweg Petten (NL);HENDRIKS J.A, NRG Petten, Westerduinweg Petten (NL);DASSEL G, NRG Petten, Westerduinweg Petten (NL);VACELET H, CERCA Framatome, Les Berauds, Romans (FR);LANGUILLE A, CEA Cadarache, Saint Paul Lez Durance (FR)
Bibliographic Reference: An oral report given at the: RRFM Conference. Organised by: ENS. Held at: Aachen (DE) 1-3 April 2001
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