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Improved atmosphere control for product quality and combustion efficiency in reheating furnaces

Funded under: FP5-GROWTH


The main objective of the described work was the development of enhanced techniques:
-To improve surface quality of rolled products.
-To increase capacity of existing reheating furnaces.
-And to reduce energy consumption of reheating furnaces.

On one hand, an improved control of the air-fuel ratio in multi-zone furnace was developed. The aim was the reduction of energy consumption as well as the improvement of surface quality of the rolled products, as it is possible to control scale production by an optimum control of the furnace atmosphere.

Measurements of oxygen in each furnace zone served as input to an advanced control strategy for an improved atmosphere control. A controller for the air-fuel ratio was developed and proved under industrial conditions.

On the other hand, the improved heating of the furnace by combining electrical heating and combustion heating was investigated. Additionally, 3-dimensional CFO-calculations are used to get an idea of the influence of skid structures, leakage-air and electric heating device on flow phenomena and temperature distribution in order to achieve a better constructive design of reheating furnaces. The result of such an improved heating system was a reduction in energy consumption, the increase in furnace capacity and the enhancement of surface quality due to reduction of scale production.

The new concept, with the combination of heating methods, was tested in a large pilot plant walking beam furnace and the benefits of the technology were validated. validated.

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Authors: DAHM B, VDEh/BFI, Dusseldorf (DE);KLIMA R, VDEh/BFI, Dusseldorf (DE);GRIFFAY G, IRSID (FR);TUOMELA H, Rauteruukki, Raahe (FI);RENSGAARD A, MEFOS, Luleaa(SE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19855 EN (2001), pp.213. Euro: 32.50
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ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-1260-7
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