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Optimisation of tapping strategy by advanced assessment of the liquid level in the hearth of the blast furnace

Funded under: FP5-GROWTH


At many blast furnaces, the determination of the quantity of liquid in the hearth is attempted by measuring the electromotive force (EMF) on the furnace shell. The widespread application of this technique is hindered by the difficulties encountered in interpreting the signals, caused by a lack of detailed understanding concerning the EMF and its behaviour in the furnace.

Laboratory trials, electrical EMF calculations, and numerical slag and hot metal flow computations were carried out in order to investigate details about the EMF mechanism and the hearth drainage, and to support the development of an improved EMF measurement technique.

A great number of blast furnaces were equipped with EMF shell sensors. Furthermore, as an innovation, EMF probes were installed directly in the lining at two blast furnaces. The EMF signal measured at these probes was significantly higher than at the shell making this kind of sensor very attractive for plant application. Guidelines are given concerning the application of an advanced EMF measurement technique.

The short-term variation of the signal could often be related to tapping. The long-term variation could be related to other effects in the furnace and an evaluation method is proposed aiming at elimination of this drift.

As a result of this research, the knowledge concerning the EMF was extended and additional information on the physical processes concerning changes of filling level were obtained. Important improvements concerning the assessment of the filling level were achieved, which is a necessary basis for an optimisation of the tapping strategy. First results concerning such an optimisation were given. given.

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Authors: No authors provided, VDEh/BFI, Dusseldorf (DE);No authors provided, IRSID (FR);No authors provided, British Steel plc, Rotherham (GB)
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