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The project work was aimed at improving modelling techniques for the evaluation of continuous casting tundish design and operation.

For start of casting, work was focused on minimizing thermal losses and avoiding temperature differences between strands. The physical modelling results in a full-scale model using hot water to simulate steel gave thermal losses that were in satisfactory agreement with experimental data for steel.

At ladle changeover, during sequence casting, the transient flow conditions can adversely affect product cleanness. If the steel grade is also changed, there is a need to identify out-of specification steel caused by mixing in the tundish. Complementary mathematical studies and physical modelling investigations were used to develop and validate a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) model of ladle change and to quantify cleanness and mixing effects.
In addition to the determination of general flow patterns and local velocity measurements, tracers have been used in physical models and on industrial plants to help validate numerical models of flow in tundishes.

In addition to being a reservoir of liquid steel, the tundish can be used as a metallurgical reaction vessel aimed at improving control of cleanness, temperature and composition. Fluid flow, heat and mass transfer are important factors relating to transient conditions in the tundish; and mathematical and physical modelling together with validation measurements on plant have been used to improve evaluation of process options.

As a test of the CFD codes against each other and against physical model results, all four partners agreed to calculate velocities in defined planes and to calculate the transient residence time distribution curve for an agreed tundish configuration. Overall flow fields were well predicted in general and RTD curves were adequately predicted to characterize tundish performance.ormance.

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Authors: TREADGOLD C J, Corus UK Ltd, Middlesbrough (GB);DE SANTIS M, Centro Sviluppo Materiali, Rome (IT);LIBERATI L, Centro Sviluppo Materiali, Rome (IT);BRUNET M (ET AL), Institute de Recherches de la Siderurgie Francaise, Maizieres-les-Metz (FR);KLINGBEIL J (ET AL), Verein Deutscher Eisenhottenleute, Dusseldorf (DE)
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