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  • Investigation of separation/purification methodologies for the determination of {232}U and {236}Pu in solution of spent nuclear fuels by alpha-spectrometry


A methodology based on the use of several separation/purification steps exploiting TOPO, Dowex anion exchanger and UTEVA for attaining U and Pu fractions for alpha-spectrometry measurements is presented. The methodology is applied to the determination of the concentration of {236}Pu and {232}U in a normal burn-up fuel (30 GWd/t) and in a high burn-up fuel (50 GWd/t). The results are compared with those from the calculations performed with the ORIGEN code.

After 2 years cooling time, the amount of {232}U was measured to be 4.9E-10 g/g UO(2) in the high burn-up fuel sample. The amount of {236}Pu after the same cooling time was found to be 4.2E-10 and 1.2E-9 g/g UO(2) in the two samples respectively. Comparison of the experimental concentrations of {232}U and {236}Pu with the computed ones shows that the code overestimates the amounts of {232}U and {236}Pu formed in the reactor.

The inventory of the major U and Pu are also determined by radiometric methods. The results are in agreement with those from isotopic dilution mass spectrometry. ry.

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Authors: SOLATIE D ET AL, JRC, Institute fur Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: An article published in: Radiochimica Acta, Vol.89 (2001), pp.551-556
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