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  • Corporate and research-based spin-offs: drivers for knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship - Proceedings of the Expert Workshop held in Brussels, 18 January 2001


Although spin-offs are in general highly successful phenomena in terms of competitiveness, innovation, growth, and positive effects on the socio-economic environment, specific obstacles to corporate spin-offs have been observed. Research-based and university spin-offs could benefit from the transfer of experience from corporate spin-offs to research institutions. Spin-offs from different backgrounds offer the possibility of measuring new patterns of organisational behaviour and assessing policy options.

in order to contribute to a further understanding of these matters, and with a view to the preparation of the 6th RTD Framework Programme and the European Innovation policy, the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) organised an expert workshop that gave the opportunity to exchange views, share best practice and evaluate the role of public policies in promoting spin-off phenomena by bringing together selected experts from companies, private and public institutions and policymakers. The first session presented research results on different spin-off types, the second session showed policy examples from the European Commission, and the third session concerned spin-off examples from practice. These sessions were followed by a discussion that centred on issues such as the financing of spin-offs, a common definition for spin-offs, spin-off policy at European level, the exchange of spin-off experience, and the need for considering the demand side of public interests and the market. .

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Authors: MONCADA-PATERNÒ-CASTELLO P, JRC Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Seville (ES);TÜBKE A (EDITORS), JRC Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Seville (ES);MIÈGE R (EDITOR), European Commission, DG JRC, Brussels (BE);BOTELLA YAQUERO T (EDITOR), European Commission, DG Enterprise, Luxembourg (LU)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19903 EN (2001), pp. 154. Euro: Free of charge
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