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In the scope of the ITER EDA a Toroidal Field Model Coil (TFMC) has been manufactured by a thorough Quality Assurance (QA) test program. This large superconducting coil has been conceptually designed by the ITER European Home Team (EUHT) and manufactured by European industry. The coil is being completed and will be tested at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe in spring 2001. The racetrack shaped winding is made of a cable-in-conduit conductor in a circular 316LN stainless steel jacket. From this conductor five double pancake (DP) modules were fabricated. Results of conductor and DP manufacture were already presented at previous conferences and are therefore only summarized here. The paper concentrates on the subsequent manufacturing steps, namely the stacking of the DP modules, the insulation and impregnation of the winding pack, the outer joint manufacture by electron beam welding, the assembly of the winding pack with the stainless steel case, the mounting of the helium pipes, the sensors and the busbars. To assemble the coil into the TOSKA facility and to fit it to the EU-LCT coil a heavy Inter-Coil Structure (ICS) has been built, in which the TFMC will rest on four wedges.

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Authors: MAIX R K ET AL, EFDA-CSU, Garching (DE);MITCHELL N, ITER-JCT, Naka (JP);LIBEYRE P, CEA (Association Euratom, Cadarache (FR);DECOOL P, CEA (Association Euratom, Cadarache (FR);ULBRICHT A, ITP (Association Euratom), Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (DE);ZAHN G, ITP (Association Euratom), Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (DE);DELLA CORTE A, ENEA (Association Euratom), Frascati (IT);RICCI M, ENEA (Association Euratom), Frascati (IT);BRESSON D, Alstom (Consortium AGAN), Belfort (FR);BOURQUARD A, Alstom (Consortium AGAN), Belfort (FR);BAUDET F, Alstom (Consortium AGAN), Belfort (FR);SCHELLONG B, Accel (Consortium AGAN), Gladbach (DE);THEISEN E, Noell (Consortium AGAN), Würzburg (DE);VALLE N, Ansaldo (Consortium AGAN), Genoa (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: An article published in: Fusion Engineering and Design, 58-59 (2001), pp.159-164.
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