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This four-page general information leaflet, available in 11 languages, explains how and why the European Union finances research in the field of this energy option for the 21st century.

Fusionsenergi - Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-DA-D
Energie durch Fusion- Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-DE-D
Energy from fusion - Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-EN-D
La energía de fusión - Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-ES-D
Energiaa fuusiosta - Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-FI-D
L'énergie de fusion - Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-FR-D
[Energy from fusion] - Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-GR-D
L'energia di Fusione - Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-IT-D
Fusie-energie - Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-NL-D
Energia de fusão - Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-PT-D
Fusionsenergi - Catalogue no: CG-NA-19315-SV-D

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