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  • The certification of the carbon-13 and deuterium isotopic ratio content and the alcoholic grade of ethanol from wine, BCR-656 (96% vol.)-The carbon-13 isotopic ratio content of sugar, BCR-657


The report also includes:
-The oxygen-18 isotopic ratio content of water from wine, BCR-658 (7% vol.) BCR-659 (12 % vol.).
-The carbon-13 and deuterium isotopic ratio content and the alcoholic grade of ethanol from wine, BCR-660 (12% vol.).

This report describes the preparation of five reference materials, BCR-656 - 660, including the homogeneity and stability testing and analytical measurements required for the certification of each parameter. The reference materials consist of two "synthetic" wines, one at 7% vol. (BCR-658) and one at 12% vol. (BCR-659), that are water - ethanol mixtures with added chemicals to mimic the composition of wine; a water - ethanol solution at 12° (BCR-660); pure ethanol at 96% (BCR-656) and a crystallised sugar (BCR-657). These materials have been certified on the basis of measurements. The different parameters certified for each reference material shown in the table below are method-dependent quantities for which the specific methods used have been fully validated and described in written standards. The applied procedure for the isotopic analysis of wine by 2H-NMR is described in European legislation EEC/2676/90. The determinations of 13C/12C and 18O/16O isotopic ratios by IRMS are CEN methods (CEN/TC164 N108 and N109). The latter has also been adopted in EC legislation as EEC/822/97 and the former as an OIV Resolution, prior to adoption in EC legislation.

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Authors: GUILLOU C, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Ispra (IT);REMAUD G, Eurofins Scientific, Nantes (FR);LEES M, Eurofins Scientific, Nantes (FR)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 20064 EN (2002), pp.94. Euro: Free of charge
Availability: EUR-OP reference: KI-NA-20064-EN-S Available from: Documentation Service of DG Research Fax:+32-2-29-58220 E-mail:
ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-3005-2
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