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  • Selective separation of M(1+), M(2+) and M(3+) radionuclides namely of Cs, Sr and actinides from nuclear waste means of chelating hydropholic cluster anions


Final report on Contract No IC15-CT98-0221.

The bisdicarbolide cobaltate anions are a class of extractants which have been patented in the Czech Republic. They are used industrially to decontaminate high-level liquid waste solutions from cesium and strontium stored in tanks at the former plutonium fabrication plant in Mayak (Russia). The objectives of the project were (i) to modify the structure of the above type of extractants in order to prepare new and more efficient derivatives for the selective extraction of strontium and actinides from medium and high-level liquid radioactive waste and (ii) to test them on simulated and/or real waste.

Four parent anions have been studied: the cobaltabisdicarbolide(1-), [3.3'-Co(1.2-C2B9H11)2]; the monocarbadodecarborate(1-),[CB11h12]; the dodecarborate(2-), [B12H12]2-; and the decarborate(2-), [B10H10]2-. Substituents were selected either to improve hydrophobicity, or to anchor selective coordinating sites, always maintaining the total charge of the anion as one.

From the considerable number of compounds synthesised, the most suitable compounds for Eu extraction contain phosphate groups as substituents, and more particularly CMPO-like substituents attached via dioxanate spacer. The last-mentioned extractants exhibit very effective Eu extraction even from a media of strong nitric acid (more than 1M) or standard waste solution (1M nitric acid with 4M sodium nitrate). The only problem with these extractants is their limited solubility in common industrial solvents. However, it is possible to find suitable mixtures of non-toxic solvents, i.e. mixtures of NPOE or NHOE with aromatic solvents, in which these extractants are soluble.

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Authors: TEIXIDOR F, Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona (ES);CASENSKY B, Katchem Ltd, Prague (CZ);DOZOL J F, CEA Cadarache (FR);GRÜNER B, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Rez (CZ);MONGEOT H, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon (FR);SELUCKY P, Nuclear Research Institute, Rez (CZ)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 19956 EN (2002), pp.135. Euro: 22.00
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ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-3684-0
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