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AWARD (Advanced Warning And Runaway Disposal) project (G1RD-CT-2001-00499)

In this work we have demonstrated that the application on-line of the divergence criterion for the early warning detection of runaway initiation is feasible. Furthermore, we have shown the equivalence, considering an embedding dimension of one, between Hub and Jones and div>0 criteria. The use of an embedding dimension of two can be seen as a way to solve the problem of false alarms that the Hub and Jones criterion produces, for example for the case of autocatalytic reactions.

Theoretical results have shown that the best results are obtained by considering three temperature trajectories to calculate the evolution of the state space volume. However, experimentally it seems that only one temperature would produce better results. This is due to the fluctuation and noise present in the system, and further research using different experiments and different reactors is necessary to assess which is the best procedure. Of course, from the practical point of view, the use of only one temperature measurement would simplify considerably the real application of the early warning detection device.

In order to develop a robust early warning detection system it is now necessary to study the reconstruction in the case of controlled jacket temperature in which the dynamics of the heating/cooling circuits plus the control system have to be taken into account and, finally, to show their feasibility in "realistic" situations, i.e. in industrial plants under normal and abnormal operating conditions. Our research is continuing along these lines.

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Authors: BOSCH J, Carlo Cattaneo University, Quantitative Methods Institute, Castellanza (IT);STROZZI F, Carlo Cattaneo University, Quantitative Methods Institute, Castellanza (IT);ZBILUT J, Department of Molecular Biophysics and Physiology, Rush University, Chicago (US);ZALDIVAR J-M, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Ispra (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 20388 EN (2002), pp.41. Euro: Free of charge
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