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Pollution is a major issue in the production process of stainless steel. One of the most polluting steps in the process is created by the descaling of the hot band by acid pickling liquors.
The objective of the present research project was to study a new environment friendly descaling process in which oxide could be suppressed by the use of high pressure water jets (HPWJ). The work has been divided into two main parts:
- water jetting with pressure inferior up to 2,800 bars and low flow;
- water jetting with pure water: with very high pressure up to 2,800 bars and low flow, with medium pressure up to 400 bars with higher water flow.
Water jetting with water containing abrasive agents was studied by CSM in a laboratory, then tested on an industrial line of Acciai Speciali Terni. This process can be substituted to shot blasting and pickling. As environmental pressures continue to become more stringent, this process will become even more economically viable.
Water jetting with pure water was studied by Arcelor.
Very high pressure water jets enable the obtainment of an oxide-free surface only if a light pickling is used. The necessary power is considered too high. Medium pressure jets are not efficient enough to be used in industrial lines.
Descaling with pure water is still difficult to consider. However, the advantages of this process concerning pollution reduction and complete suppression of superficial hardening encourage the watching of the future development of water jetting.

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Authors: GIRAUD H, Ugine SA, Gueugnon (FR);DESSIS A, Ugine SA, Gueugnon (FR);LORI L, Centro Sviluppo Materiali, Roma (IT)
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