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The liquid steel temperature is the most important parameter for process control in steelmaking. Today�s temperature measurement is mostly done by dipping thermocouples into the steel bath. Since the sensor is being burnt there, the measured temperature is only available on a short-term basis. Moreover, temperature information during the process, e.g. at EAF and BOF, IS very hard to gain and mostly not available. A continuous temperature measurement allows optimising product quality and savings of time and energy. During this project a continuous measurement of liquid steel temperature was developed. A pyrometer was used in combination with a consumable optical fibre fed into the metal bath. Extensive testing in an induction furnace showed positive results. The new technique was adapted and tested at EAF, BOF and continuous casting tundish. For EAF and tundish, immersion lance systems were developed. At the BOF the fibre was fed through a bottom plug for stirring gas. Main problems were lance breakage and obstruction of the bottom plug. Nevertheless, in EAF and BOF the temperature increase during the process could be measured online for several minutes. In the tundish, spontaneous freezing at the lance tip obstructed the measurements. A modification of the lance would be necessary for the use of the measurement system in the tundish. The new temperature measurement technique proved to be useful in principle on a regular basis in primary steelmaking.

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Authors: LAMP T, Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI), Düsseldorf (DE);KÖCHNER H, Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI), Düsseldorf (DE);LACHMUND H, AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Dillingen/Saar (DE);PIE Y, AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Dillingen/Saar (DE);STEYLS D, CRM - Centre de recherches métallurgiques,Angleur (BE);BORLÉE J, CRM - Centre de recherches métallurgiques,Angleur (BE);SANCHO L, Aceralia Corporación Siderúrgica, Aviles (ES)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 21482 EN (2005), 118 pp. Euro: 25
Availability: Katalogue Number: KI-NA-21428-EN-S The paper version can be ordered online and the PDF version downloaded at:
ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-4320-0
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