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Ladle slags and spent refractory materials still have a high metallurgical potential. Their high concentrations of CaO and MgO can be exploited in primary steelmaking. Within this project different strategies in the processing and recycling of these materials have been developed. By recycling liquid ladle into the EAF no processing of the ladle slag is necessary and the formation of dust is avoided. A recycling rate of 80 % has been achieved. The recycling of solid ladle slag and spent refractory into the EAF has the advantage that a selection of favoured slag compositions, the adjustment of desirable mixtures and the production of uniform qualities is possible. About 50 % of the generated ladle slag can be recycled. Savings of about 15 % of lime counterbalances the necessary processing costs. Spent magnesite has been successfully tested as a substitute for olivine and soft-burnt dolomite in an integrated steel shop. Careful processing and quality controls are compulsory to prevent disadvantages in metallurgy. The recycling strategies developed ensure that no detrimental influences in metallurgy and product quality have to be expected. Each recycling procedure leads to adequate advantages in the steel shops. Distinct economical and ecological benefits are calculated for each of the recycling strategies. However, the optimal recycling procedure depends on the operational conditions in the steel shop. It will not be possible to recycle the liquid slag in every steel shop as special infrastructure is necessary

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Authors: CORES A, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalúrgicas (CENIM), Madrid (ES);DRISSEN P, Forschungsgemeinschaft Eisenhüttenschlacken e.V., Duisburg (DE);KUEHN M, Forschungsgemeinschaft Eisenhüttenschlacken e.V., Duisburg (DE);JUNG H P, Krupp Edelstahlprofile, Siegen (DE);MERNITZ J, FQZ, Eisenhüttenstadt (DE);RICHTER F, Eisen und Stein GmbH Horn, Wenden-Huesenborn (DE);VENERI N, Riva Acciaio, Verona (IT)
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