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The objective of this work, performed by Cogne Acciali Speciali, CSM, VASL, and BFI, was to estimate the potential of swirling flow in casting moulds for its generation and utilisation to enhance product quality. In the tundish, investigations were made with a swirl generator at the outlet, impact boxes placed below the inlet, and �non-geostrophic� modified walls. In the mould, swirl was generated as an effect of the swirl generator, by tilting the nozzles and designing suitable nozzle geometries able to induce helicoidal flow at the exit. As a result of these investigations: in the tundish, impact boxes and wall bulges proved to be efficient in reducing dead-flow regions; in the mould, when tilting the SEN, significant reduction of the level of oscillation was obtained, with velocity and standard deviation of the signal, indicative of instability, respectively reduced by 64 % and 53 %; again, in the mould, with a swirl-inducing nozzle suitably developed and tested on plant, the level of oscillations were reduced by up to 50 %; an engineering process measurement technique was developed, consisting of a method to investigate the acceleration of the near mould level flow. Acceleration causes velocity gradients which may lead to vortices or entrapment of liquid mould powder. In spite of several aspects for which a margin of improvement still exists, the results seem to be promising, taking into account the advantages of these devices, which can substitute stirrers in their action aimed at inclusion dragging towards the as-cast centre and level stabilisation

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Authors: POLI A, Cogne Acciai Speciali SpA, Aosta (IT);SAFFIRIO M, Cogne Acciai Speciali SpA, Aosta (IT);DE SANTIS M, Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM), Roma (IT);LIBERATI L, Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM), Roma (IT);KAUFMANN B, Voest-Alpine Stahl GmbH, Linz (AT);WINCOR R, Voest-Alpine Stahl GmbH, Linz (AT);JAVUREK M, Voest-Alpine Stahl GmbH, Linz (AT);RÖDL S, Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI), Düsseldorf (DE);BREITFELD O, Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI), Düsseldorf (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 21447 EN (2005), 123 pp. Euro: 25
Availability: Katalogue Number: KI-NA-21447-EN-S The paper version can be ordered online and the PDF version downloaded at:
ISBN: ISBN: 92-894-9689-4
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