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The objective of this project was the development, testing and optimisation of an electric device for measuring the standardised magnetic properties of non-oriented electrical steel strip moving through a processing line. This would replace existing off line tests on samples taken from each coil. The standard grading tests for non-oriented steels require measurements to be made with the magnetic flux vector both parallel to and at right angles (transverse) to the longitudinal axis of the strip. Testing in the longitudinal direction is readily achieved by magnetising and flux pickup coils encircling the strip. Testing with a transverse flux vector is much more difficult and if was a primary task in this project to invent a new method to achieve this measurement. Setting the magnetic polarisation is fundamental to making the measurements. This requires an accurate knowledge of the thickness of the exact section of strip being tested, meaning that the thickness value has to be measured and then transferred in synchronisation with the strip movement to the longitudinal tester and then to the transverse tester. Subsequently these three measured values have to be assigned to the correct position in the strip. Both longitudinal and transverse testers produced good results under laboratory conditions but un fortunately were compromised in the on line trials in some instances by mechanical parameters of the fine and in others by economic limitations in sampling, such that it was not possible to prove sufficient accuracy for quality grading in the operational situation.

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Authors: PORTER C H, Cogent Power, Newport (UK);JANOSI F, Intermagnet, Krefeld (DE);KOCHMAN T, TKES EBG, Bochum (DE);ALBINI L, Sollac Méditertanée, St-Chély d�Apcher (FR);FENAILLE B,
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 21932 EN (2005), 153 pp. Euro:
Availability: Katalogue Number: KI-NA-21932-EN-S The paper version can be ordered online and the PDF version downloaded at:
ISBN: ISBN: 92-79-00313-5
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