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Comparative social inclusion policies & citizenship in Europe

Funded under: FP6-SOCIETY


Strategic rationale: The project is animated by the contemporary crisis of traditional post-war European social models, given structural socio-economic change in late 20thC Europe and global society more generally. These traditional models might be interpreted as having aimed, with varying degrees of success, to achieve ‘social inclusion through common social citizenship rights to employment and welfare’. Key strategic policy questions to be considered are: i) What new forms might social inclusion policy and social citizenship policy take in the European Union and its member-states? And ii) What can we learn about such new forms by comparing the roles played by ‘civil society’-based actors and agencies (such as families, volunteer organisations, local community organisations) in work and welfare policy in various work and welfare regimes, including those distinctive of North and South Europe? Objectives: The project will analyse and evaluate policy contexts and conditions, frameworks and processes - across the majority of EU member states - which are relevant to the promotion of social inclusion through new approaches to work and welfare. It will particularly focus on those emphasising: i) flexible and innovative forms of work and related forms of welfare, and ii) the development of the role of civil society in general in work and welfare policy. Within this overall general objective the project will analyse and compare a range of social models and ‘welfare regimes’, including those distinctive of Northern and Southern Europe, taking account of the differing mixes of state-based and civil-society-based forms of work, welfare and inclusion that they may contain. It will review exclusion and inclusion problems and policies in these social models connected with the major forms of social division, i.e. class, gender, age and ethnicity in respect of work and labour market participation.

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Authors: ROCHE M (et al), The Political Research Centre (PERC), Sheffield University, Sheffield (GB)
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