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Doing more with less - Green Paper on energy efficiency

Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV


Even without high and volatile oil prices, which have led to a downgrading of the prospects of economic growth in Europe, there would be very good reasons for the European Union to make a strong push towards a re-invigorated programme promoting energy efficiency at all levels of European society:
- Competitiveness and the Lisbon agenda.
- Environmental protection and the EU�s Kyoto obligations.
- Security of supply.
This Green Paper therefore seeks to identify the bottlenecks presently preventing these cost-effective efficiencies from being captured - lack of appropriate incentives, lack of information, lack of available financing mechanisms for example.
The Green Paper then seeks to identify options how these bottlenecks can be overcome, suggesting a number of key actions that might be taken.
This Green Paper seeks to act as a catalyst, leading to a renewed energy-efficiency initiative at all levels of European society - EU, national, regional and local. In addition, this Green Paper seeks to make a significant contribution, by way of example and leadership, to kick-start an international effort to contribute to addressing climate change through energy efficiency. China presently uses more than five times as much energy as the EU to produce one unit of GDP, the USA uses approximately 50 % more than the EU. With exploding energy demand in particular in China and India, energy efficiency must be one of the key policies to try to reconcile, on the one hand, the increased energy needs of the developing world to power growth and improve living conditions for their citizens and, on the other hand, combat global warming. This Green Paper, and the momentum created in following it up, should put the EU at the forefront of efforts to make energy efficiency a global priority. Finally, high oil prices hit the poorest the hardest, particularly in ACP countries.

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