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The project aimed at the development of techniques for the production of pure glassy reference material for the slag analysis by spectroscopic methods. Two approaches have been made: One main investigation was the development of slag sampling at the blast furnace, converter, ladle and EAF-production. A lot of experience was gained as a lot of problems had to solved mainly due to different slag composition and parameters concerning the sampling itself. The second main issue was the melting of the slags. Parameters for the melting of the different slag were melted and characterised for the use as reference material. After intense characterisation of the melted samples, a very good sample homogeneity could be stated though some crystallisation could be found. Looking at slag composition melting results obtained can be readily analysed. To underline and support these aims, LIBS instrumentation, calibration of analytical instruments and the use of samples was surveyed. The instrumental parameters and conditions of LIBS for slag analysis were determined and optimised such as time and depth profile, pulse energy and laser wavelength etc� With samples from sampling and melting tests, the anlytical instruments (LIBS and XRF) were calibrated. Calibration could not be optimised during the project. A round-robin test were carried out for XRF and LIBS. Investigations about sample stability showed that samples are quite stable. Preparation of samples is also possible. After grinding samples were suitable for further analysis.

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Authors: EGLSEDER G, Saarstahl, Völklingen (DE);MERTENS R, Saarstahl, Völklingen (DE);GUERRERO M, Acerinox S.A., Cadizz (ES);DANTONEL D, Thermo Electron Corporation, Ecublens (CH);MALENGREAU N, Institut scientifique du Verre, Charleroi (BE);RYMAN C, MEFOS, Luleå (SE);SOLHED H, MEFOS, Luleå (SE);BESKOW K, MEFOS, Luleå (SE);FISCHER H, Minkon Sampler Technik GmbH, Erkrath (DE);FALCONE R, Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, Murano (IT);FLOCK J, Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG, Duisburg (DE);THURMAN U, Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG, Duisburg (DE);LASERNA J, Universidad de Malaga, Malaga (ES);GARCIA C, Universidad de Malaga, Malaga (ES)
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