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The LA-ICP-MS technique has been evaluated with respect to applications relevant for the steel industry, with special emphasis on spatially resolved analysis. Three different commercially available laser ablation units have been used, CETAC LSX 100, CETAC LSX 200 and new wave research UP 213. The work on bulk steel analysis showed that sample preparation is not critical for the intensity and stability of the analytical signals. Combined with the extraordinary flexibility in terms of sample size and shape, this confirms that LA ICP-MS is a very practical technique in terms of sampling. Evaluating the analytical figures of merit in bulk analysis (accuracy, precision, detection limits) it is again clear that, as with the wet ICP-MS, the strength of the technique is the low DLs for a wide range of elements. The accuracy and precision for determinations of alloying and major elements fall far short of conventional techniques such as spark OES and XRF. However, LA ICP-MS is not being developed to become an alternative to these techniques for routine bulk analysis. The major emphasis in this project was on spatially resolved analysis. It was found that the very best lateral resolution obtained in practice with commercially available systems is about 40 µm. However, a major limitation in time is imposed by the slow response of the sample transport systems if demands on lateral resolution are high. During the project work, it has become clear that all commercially available systems are basically well designed and functional. However, the complete system with laser ablation unit and ICP-MS system is still quite demanding in terms of practical handling, tuning for optimised signals etc.

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Authors: BENGTSON A, KIMAB, Stockholm (SE);GRANFORS M, KIMAB, Stockholm (SE);GUSTAVSSON I, KIMAB, Stockholm (SE);SEDLAKOVA M, KIMAB, Stockholm (SE);GOMEZ CODEO A, CENIM, Madrid (ES);PADILLA I, CENIM, Madrid (ES);DILLEN H, OCAS, Zelzate (BE);VAN DEN BERGH K, OCAS, Zelzate (BE);GÜNTHER D, ETH Hönggerberg, Zurich (CH);LATKOCZY C, ETH Hönggerberg, Zurich (CH)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 21995 EN (2006), 154 pp. Euro: 25
Availability: Katalogue Number: KI-NA-21995-EN-S The paper version can be ordered online and the PDF version downloaded at:
ISBN: ISBN: 92-79-01671-7
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