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  • Changes in the microstrucure of coke while passing the blast furnace with respect to the quality of the charged coke and the behaviour of nut coke in the blast furnace


This study provides a comprehensive contribution to the understanding of the metallurgical stresses to which the coke is exposed in a blast furnace. The investigations refer to the change in the coke microstructure depending on the charged feed coke quality and the blast furnace operation conditions. Also the behaviour of nut coke (coke - 35 mm) in the blast furnace is determined. To work on the scheduled activities and aims of the project various tools are used by the different partners. At TKS, a new microscopic measurement method quantifying the change in the coke carbon micro texture is used to compare the microstructure of feed coke, CRI/CSR treated coke and core drilled coke from the tuyere level of different TKS blast furnaces. Tuyere core drill exercises also are used to detect ZrO2 traced nut coke charged as mix with burden components in the lower part of the furnace. CSM used the MOSCA model and tuyere core drillings to investigate the behaviour of the nut at a blast furnace of Lucchini at Piombino. At MEFOS, cokes excavated from LKAB�s Experimental Blast Furnace (EBF) are used as a basis for the research. The evolution of the EBF coke properties, particularly the carbon structure and alkali uptake were related to CO2 reactivity. At DMT synthetic coke materials of various qualities are produced for laboratory investigations also at the partner. The University of Aachen RWTH studies the behaviour of coke under various blast furnace scenarios to detect also the changes in the coke microstructure.

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Authors: JANHSEN U, ThyssenKrupp Steel, Duisburg (DE);GÜNBATI A, ThyssenKrupp Steel, Duisburg (DE);SAUTNER C, ThyssenKrupp Steel, Duisburg (DE);FARAJI E, CSM< Rome (IT);WILKSTRÖM J O, MEFOS, Luleå (SE);HILDING T, MEFOS, Luleå (SE);ERIKSSON J, MEFOS, Luleå (SE);KERKKONEN O, RUKKI, Raahe (FI);ARENDT P, Deutsche Montan Technologie, Essen (DE);BABICH A, RWTH Aachen (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 22439 EN (2007), 192 pp. Euro: 25
Availability: Katalogue Number: KI-NA-22439-EN-S The paper version can be ordered online and the PDF version downloaded at:
ISBN: ISBN: 978-92-79-04600-1
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