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Modern blast furnace performances largely depend on the amount and the quality of prepared iron burden. Thus, continuous progresses are expected from the sinter plants to produce high quantities of sinter with optimum and consistent properties. According to the fact that the charging operation is a key step in regards to the whole sintering results, the present common research project was dealing at: (1) a good description of the main phenomenon occurring during a 'standard' charging operation; (2) an improvement in the actual feeding devices; (3) the development and delivery of new measuring techniques and advanced models. The main outcomes and additional applications in European sinter plants can be summarised as follows: - Optimised permeability bars devices, with a good compromise between an increase in productivity / a decrease in quality, are operational and interesting to increase productivity significantly with relatively low investment cost. - Decreasing the feeding drum diameter seems favourable to the bed homogeneity, and thus to allow significant gains in terms of solid fuel consumption particularly for the strands operating at high solid rate; industrial scale experiences would be necessary to assess these results. - Permeability probes are available and technological problems have been solved, sensitivity to major parameters (for example, moisture content) has been proven, integration of such measurement as a new tool to improve the daily monitoring has been evaluated after a longer period. - Specific measurements, such as measuring the pallet or camera on discharge, are valuable tools, whose main use seems to be selective applications rather than daily monitoring. New calculations of BTP or BRP are also available.

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Authors: MARLIÈRE E, Arcelor Research, Maiziéres-lés-Metz (FR);HAUCK T, VDEH-BFI, Düsseldorf (DE);WEMHÖNER R, VDEH-BFI, Düsseldorf (DE);WOLNY H J, VDEH-BFI, Düsseldorf (DE);LIN R, Dillinger Hütte, Dillingen/Saar (DE);FEITERNA A, Dillinger Hütte, Dillingen/Saar (DE);HOFFMANN M, Dillinger Hütte, Dillingen/Saar (DE);ZAHN M, Voestalpine Stahl Donawitz, Leoben Donawitz (AT)
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