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Infectious diseases - HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis



The genomic revolution has fuelled an unprecedented progress in our understanding of the molecular biology underlying many infectious diseases. New scientific technologies have been developed and creative applications have resulted in scientific breakthroughs, that were unimaginable a few decades ago. Few of these scientific advances are, however, translated into drugs, microbicides or vaccines that meet the real and pressing needs of people in the developing world.
While communicable diseases are almost forgotten as a threat in affluent countries, they remain responsible for more than two-thirds of the disease burden in Africa. The three major communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis) alone account for over 6 million deaths per year, and new interventions to combat these poverty-related diseases (PRDs) are therefore desperately required. In response to this global health priority, the European Commission (EC) has almost quadrupled its overall annual support to PRD research activities since 2002.
The increased funding for PRD research has mainly been provided through the Sixth Framework Programme for Research (FP6). FP6 was adopted by the EU Member States and the European Parliament in July 2002 with an indicative budget of EUR 400 million allocated to research into new interventions for HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB for a four-year period. Substantial efforts have since been made to gather a critical massof private and public partners from both developed and developing countries for a joint battle against the three diseases. To do so, different funding modalities have been applied to support various aspects of PRD research during FP6.

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