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The minimisation of strip-shape defects and the development of a tool for controlling roll parallelism in strip-processing lines were the basic subjects of investigation. The new form-fit bending technique, in combination with an automatic preset and control for strip shape, was introduced in a pickling line for hot-rolled steel strips. The bending facility allows a considerable reduction of the strip tension level due to the effective impact of the form-fit bending unit. In this way, the installation of new drives could be used to help increase the processing speed by 50 % from 200m/min to 300m/min. High product quality and stable processing conditions are provided simultaneously. A tool for the control of roll parallelism on the basis of an optical gyroscope and an original inclination sensor was developed for industrial applications in processing lines. Trials in industrial conditions have been carried out. The analysis of the results obtained by these comparative trials showed that the accuracy reached is +/- 0.15 mm/m, which is sufficient for most applications concerning roll-parallelism control in steelworks. Moreover, the system specifications are close to those initially defined. They are: - compatible with difficult access, - compatible with industrial conditions, - fast to operate, with parallelism measurement/roll taking no more than a few minutes; - easy to use, with a battery-powered mobile sensor, - small in size (300 x 200 x 200 mm3) and light (about 4 kg), and - able to assess the roll parallelism during production.

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Authors: PÜTZ P D, BFI, Düsseldorf (DE);MÜCKE G, BFI, Düsseldorf (DE);SCHYNS M, CRM, Angleur (BE);HEßLER A, Hoesch Hohenlimburg (DE);BOUGUSLAWSKY K, Sundwig, Herner (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 22839 EN (2007), 80 pp. Euro: 15
Availability: (Catalogue Number: KI-NA-22839-EN-S)
ISBN: ISBN: 978-92-79-05554-6
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